A Background

A story about Crowes.

Just outside the small town of Lavers Hill was Crowes, the last stop on the Beechy train line.

First established in 1911, the Crowes Railway Station once provided a critical link to and from Lavers Hill to life outside the Otways. Up to seven steam trains a day transported loads of timber, potatoes and firewood to Colac and beyond. In1962, the Beechy line closed down, however, till this day Crowes remains perched up in the nest of the Otways, with its surrounding region producing prime meat and sustainable timber.

The Costin family has been a part of the Otway community for close to 150 years, first establishing the Ballarat Hotel (now known as the Great Ocean Hotel) in Apollo Bay in the 1880’s and managing the local butcher and abattoir. After falling in love with the region, Henry Lazenby Costin decided to buy a piece of land near Lavers Hill, which has since been farmed by the Costin family over the generations and seen extensive growth over the years.

In 2009, when the Lavers Hill Tavern looked certain for closure, the Costin family purchased the Tavern, with the intention to rejuvenate its accommodation, caravan-park and pub. With a long-term goal of establishing a micro-brewery in mind, Crowes Nest brewery was born. The first step to achieving this goal is through its first beer, Steam Train, with further plans to design and develop a full range of beers to suit every consumer.

Located on The Great Ocean Road in between Apollo Bay and the famous 12 Apostles, The Lavers Hill Tavern is now the home of Crowes Nest Brewery.

The Beer

A Brief Introduction

Steam Train

Handcrafted using Otway rainwater, Steam Train is the perfect session beer, with a lightly malty flavour and dry finish balanced with significant hop character that will surprise even avid pale beer drinkers.

Coming Soon

Watch this space for future Crowes Nest beers

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Those Who Share The Vision

We have met with a number of our fellow beer lovers and have worked to create a network of distributors to supply those in need of some Crowes Nest refreshment.

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